AI-Powered Learning: Using AI as an educational tool with Dr Ahmed Kharrufa and Dr Tiago Sousa Garcia

In this episode, we talk to Dr Ahmed Kharrufa, senior lecturer in human-computer interaction in Open Lab and Dr Tiago Sousa Garcia, from the research software engineer team at Newcastle University. 

Learn about the rapid rise of artificial intelligence, how AI can be used as a tool in education and how we can address concerns around safety and privacy for children and young people using AI.

You can find out more about Ahmed’s research and follow him on twitter @ankharrufa. Learn about fascinating topics with the Kinnu app.

You can find out more about Tiago’s research and on his website follow him on twitter @tiagosousagarci. Kickstart your children’s creative writing experiments with the Creativity Engine.

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5.8 Are animals and AI entitled to legal personhood? with Dr Josh Jowitt

In this episode we talk to Dr Josh Jowitt, Lecturer in Law at Newcastle University about legal personhood. 

Learn about the legal protection for animals and how the law needs to prepare for questions about the rights of AI (artificial intelligance) and lab grown cells.

Information about the cases mentioned in this episode can be found at ‘Monkey selfie’ case, Happy the elephant and the DABUS case.

You can find out more about Josh’s research and follow him on twitter @drjoshdoeslaw. And don’t forget to try his favourite Newcastle based restaurants Chilli Padi and Zucchini Pasta Bar!

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