Smiles on Screen: Improving dental care for people with learning difficulties with Dr Susan Bissett and The Lawnmowers Theatre Company

This episode is part of our mini-series, From Newcastle for Healthcare

In this episode we talk to Dr Susan Bissett, Lecturer of Dentistry at Newcastle University and Claire Hills-Wilson, Artistic Director of The Lawnmowers Independent Theatre Company.

Learn about the collaboration between The Lawnmowers Independant Theatre Company and the Newcastle University School of Dental Sciences in creating a new film to help educate dental students on the process of treating patients with learning difficulties.   

Find out more about Susan’s research and follow her on twitter @SusiBiscuits.

Lawnmowers is a producing theatre-arts organisation, operating in Gateshead and surrounding regions and is run by and for people with learning difficulties.

Find out more about The Lawnmowers Theatre Company and follow them on twitter @LawnmowersITC and Facebook. The Lawnmowers also have a YouTube channel showing examples of their work.