Learning and Teaching at Newcastle Podcast

Hello and welcome to the Learning & Teaching @ Newcastle University podcast. This fortnightly podcast will look at all the great things we are doing in learning and teaching here at Newcastle University.

In each episode we will hear from a wide range of guests, and guest hosts to discover more about their stories and the work behind their stories. There will be long form conversations, magazine style articles, and much more.

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  • Episode 027: Creative Practice
    ‘Creative Practice’ as a discipline itself can seem mysterious, and yet we enjoy the fruits of that labour all the time; whether through live performance, in a gallery, on television, radio or online, but also in the shape of the built environment, in consumer product design, in the visual and sonic saturation of our attention, every day. But how can creative practice be taught?
  • Episode 026: Gamification in Learning and Teaching
    In this episode, we speak to Dr Pascal Stiefenhofer (Senior Lecturer and UG Director of Studies, Newcastle University Business School) about his research using games to aid those with mathematical anxiety. We also hear from Sarah Carnegie and Dr Tracy Scurry (both also from Newcastle University Business School) about a student project to create a board game to teach about the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Episode 025: Ideas in Academic Practice 7 – Supportive Practice Toolkit
    In this episode Emma McCulloch (Academic Practice Team Manager in LTDS) and Kevin Johnson (Disability Practitioner in Student Health and Wellbeing services) discuss the research Kevin has undertaken to develop a supportive practice toolkit to help teaching colleagues best support students with specific learning needs.  
  • Episode 024: Learning Analytics Special
    This episode introduces Newcastle University’s approach to learning analytics from four interconnected perspectives.  
  • Episode 023: The Return of In-Person Exams Special
    As we approach the 2021/22 semester two assessment period, we will see the return of in-person exams for most of our students. Spring 2022 will be the first time since January 2020 that most of our students last took part in an in-person exam. Many students have not completed an in-person exam since their A-levels or even GSCEs. In this episode, aimed at students, our guest host Orla Thomas, a third-year history student will take you through her experience of an in-person exam journey.