Why I Research Podcast

Why I Research is a podcast from Newcastle University exploring the new research in health science coming out of the North East.

Each episode we’ll discuss fascinating topics in medical sciences and the people behind the science.

Explore research, the scientist behind the work, and why they do what they do. This, is Why I Research.

Why I Research would not be possible without the brilliant efforts of our production team.

  • Hosted by Charlie Wilkinson
  • Edited by Rachel Teate
  • Produced by Rachel Teate and Charlie Wilkinson
  • Recorded and supported by the Newcastle University media production team.

Latest episodes

  • Episode 7 – Chris Stewart
    Chris leads on research focused on the microbiome and host responses in human health and disease, particularly focusing on early life from neonatal to childhood.
  • Episode 6 – Alice Roberts
    Alice is a PhD student at Newcastle University exploring opportunities to improve the food and drink environment in UK secondary schools. The research Alice runs is looking at opportunities to alter the secondary school food and drink environment with the aim of improving adolescents’ health-related behaviours.
  • Episode 5 – Helen Elliot
    Helen is an NHS researcher scientist and PhD student at Newcastle University. Helen is working on a project looking at a new medical device for imaging breast tissue with the aim of detecting more breast cancers in tissue which is difficult to image with mammography.
  • Episode 4 – Andy Filby
    Andy is a Professor of Practice in Enabling Technologies at Newcastle University and aims to bring together technologists and methodologists from all job families in the faculty toward a true “team science”, collaborative attitude to conducting cutting-edge research.
  • Episode 3 – Courtney Neal
    Courtney is a PhD researcher focussing on food insecurity and how this may affective cognition. Courtney’s research has predominantly focussed on the negative outcomes of not having enough, producing a body of literature concerned with the deficits of people in poverty.