2.3 It’s Queer Up North with Dr Gareth Longstaff

In this episode we talk to Dr Gareth Longstaff, Deputy Head of Media, Culture, Heritage and Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies at Newcastle University. Gareth is a queer activist and chairs the staff LGBTQ+ network. His research looks at the intersections of queer history, culture and heritage.

Learn about the significance of queer culture outside of London, gender identity in education and Gareth’s plans for an LGBTQ+ Archive of the North East.

Find out more about Gareth’s research here. If you enjoyed this episode you may also be interested in the Queer Media, Culture, and Heritage Seminars and annual INSIGHTS LGBT+ History Month Lecture.

2.2 COP26 Special: The future of energy with Professor Sara Walker and Dr Greg Mutch

In this COP26 special episode we talk to Professor Sara Walker, reader in Energy and director of the Centre for Energy and Dr Greg Mutch, Royal Academy Engineer and Research Fellow in the School of Engineering, about climate change, fuel poverty and the future of energy.

Learn about carbon capture, alternative sources of energy and the one thing we can all do to help tackle the climate crisis.

To find out more about Sara’s work at the Centre for Energy and National Centre for Energy Systems Integration and @ProfSaraWalker. You can follow Greg’s work on his YouTube Channel LiveInTheLab and @MutchDr.

Read Newcastle University’s Climate Action Plan and discover more COP26 events at: https://www.ncl.ac.uk/who-we-are/cop26/

2.1 Black History Month: People, Politics and Promoting Equality with Dr Skyler Hawkins

In this episode we talk to Dr Skyler Hawkins, Lecturer in Politics of Race and Ethnicity at Newcastle University about the importance of Black History Month.

Learn about ethnic minority representation in politics and academia, decolonising the curriculum and how we can all become better allies in the fight for racial equality.

To find out more about Skyler’s work visit https://www.skylerehawkins.com/ and follow her on twitter @skylerehawkins.

Register for tickets to attend Black Britain and Beyond, a four day symposium celebrating black culture, which we are delighted to be hosting at Newcastle University in November 2021.

1.6 The age-old problem of discrimination

In this episode we talk to Tom Scharf, Professor of Social Gerontology at Newcastle University about the social aspects of ageing and the new Centre for Ageing and Inequalities at Newcastle University, of which Tom is co-director.

Tom is President of the British Society of Gerontology and is passionate about the issue of ageism. His work looks at social inclusion and exclusion in later life, with a focus on the spaces and places in which inclusion and exclusion arise.

Learn about the widespread misrepresentation of older people in the media, why we need a more aspirational view of ageing and later life, and the importance of solidarity between different generations.

To find out more, visit Newcastle University’s Centre for Ageing and Inequalities, follow Tom on twitter @TomScharfNcl and watch his INSIGHTS Virtual Lecture.

You can access the Centre for Ageing Better Image Library here.

1.5 Covid-19 Myths, Misconceptions and Rumours

In this episode we talk to Dr Tina Sikka, Lecturer in Media, Culture and Heritage at Newcastle University about the myths, misconceptions and rumours that have arisen during the pandemic.

Over the past year and a half, we have seen damaging rumours circulating the internet including attributing responsibility for the spreading of Covid-19 to racial groups, and certain body types. Is it just in our human nature to find someone to blame for when things go wrong?

We explore some of our more unusual reactions during the pandemic, learn how misinformation is spread and discuss the importance of language and clear communication.

To find out more follow Tina on twitter @tsikka.

1.4 Archaeology: Learning from the Past

In this episode we talk to Dr Chloë Duckworth, lecturer in Archaeological Materials Science at Newcastle University, about the relevance of archaeology in today’s society.

Chloë is passionate about communicating the value of archaeology to the public. She recently featured in Channel 4’s series ‘Great British Dig’ and runs her own YouTube channel ‘Archaeoduck’.

Learn why archaeology is so important to our identity and how modern technology is helping our understanding of the past.

To find out more visit Newcastle University’s Centre for Heritage, Chloë’s Archaeoduck YouTube Channel and follow Chloë on twitter @ArchaeoDuck.

1.3 Climate Change and the Future of Flooding

In this episodewe talk to Richard Dawson, Professor of Earth Systems Engineering and Director of Research and Innovation in the School of Engineering at Newcastle University about climate change and the future of flooding.

Over the past few years, we have experienced an increase in extreme weather events, from disappearing islands in the Pacific Ocean to severe flooding in the Lake District. Professor Dawson has been researching the environmental risk to infrastructure and cities for the past 20 years and is a member of the UK’s Committee on Climate Change, providing advice to the government on the adaptation of infrastructure to climate change.

Learn why rising greenhouse emissions lead to more frequent storms, the impact this can have on our lives and what we should be doing now to reduce the risk of extreme weather in the future.

To find out more about the risks posed by extreme weather and flooding visit the Global Challenges Academy website and follow Richard on twitter @profrichdawson.