Episode 007: Welcome to (back to) Newcastle University – Freshers Week Special

Hello and welcome to episode seven of the Learning & Teaching @ Newcastle University podcast. 

There is a transcript available.

In this episode, we have one topic and two interviews that will explore welcoming new and existing students on campus here at Newcastle University. 

The first interview is with Livia Scott, the Student Union Education Officer. In our interview with Livia, we will look at her role and how her role is vital for our students. The education officer is elected by students and Livia works for the students. Our students are her primary concern. Livia will also go through her role in the first few weeks of the new academic year. We also find out how you can contact Livia should you need any support.   

Livia Scott - Education officer

The second interview is with Emily and Josh our current students. We speak about the nerves or lack of nerves in the lead up to that day where you pack up the car and make your way to Newcastle. They also give us their insights into freshers’ week, what they got up to in their freshers’ week and how to get the most out of this once in a degree experience. This is an equally exciting and nervous time for many students and we hope hearing from students will give you a feeling of what happens in those first few days. 

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Links from the episode 

Livia Scott on Education Officer website  

Education Officer website at Newcastle Student Union  

Livia Scott on email – Education.Union@newcastle.ac.uk 

Education Officer Instagram  

Google Map to find Livia in person 

There is a transcript available.