Episode 020: Ideas in Academic Practice: School X, rethinking a University Degree

Hello and welcome to episode 20 of the Learning & Teaching @ Newcastle University podcast.

Transcript available

In this episode Dr Paul Fleet (Chair of the Academic Progress Board of Studies at Newcastle University) talks to Professor Ruth Morrow and Professor Richard Clay (Co-Heads of School X) about harnessing the collective power of interdisciplinarity and cross-sector collaboration across the University to help colleagues and students be producers of excellence, creativity, and impact. 

Ruth and Richard took post in September 2021 and have been consulting across the University to build a vision of how School X can become a new reality of collaboration in Higher Education.’

This podcast is for anyone involved in Higher Education (staff and students) and makes reference to research-driven ideas and practice to support the community of scholars who are committed to co-creation in education; authentic in education; the balance of learning across the student, educator, professional bodies, and the environment; and the power of innovative learning.

This is part of a suite of podcasts developed from the meetings of the Academic Progress Board of Studies and for more information on the work and support of the Academic Progress Team please contact: mailto:apt.lts@newcastle.ac.uk or visit https://www.ncl.ac.uk/ltds/professional/

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Transcript available