Episode 026: Gamification in Learning and Teaching

Hello, and welcome to episode 26 of the Learning and Teaching @ Newcastle University podcast. 

Transcript available

In this episode, we speak to Dr Pascal Stiefenhofer (Senior Lecturer and UG Director of Studies, Newcastle University Business School) about his research using games to aid those with mathematical anxiety. We also hear from Sarah Carnegie and Dr Tracy Scurry (both also from Newcastle University Business School) about a student project to create a board game to teach about the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

Both discussions cover how they got started; why they chose to take the approach of using games to aid learning; and what they would advise for colleagues who are interested in trying something similar. 

Pascal covers his journey from playing with his toddler, to using the same toys to teach advanced mathematical concepts to social studies students through pedagogical games of mathematical proof. Tracy and Sarah share their experience of the development of the board game Get Sust!, created originally by Stage 3 Business School Students Jonty Carr, Benjamin Deepak Inian, Harit Jiaravongtrakul, Jessica Loyal, Alice Pertwee, Andrew Petyt, and Matt White. 

Thank you to our guests Sarah, Tracy, and Pascal. We hope you enjoy this episode. 

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