Episode 32: Community Engagement

Hello and welcome to episode 32 of the Learning & Teaching @ Newcastle University podcast.

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In this episode, we look at how students at Newcastle University engage with our community in the North East to support learners from all age groups and areas of society.

Firstly we hear from Professor Jane Robinson, Pro-vice-chancellor for engagement and place. Jane introduces this episode and why this is very important to us, our students, and our community.

We speak to Naomi Nelson, an Outreach Ambassador in our SAgE faculty. As part of her undergraduate studies here at Newcastle, Naomi participated in the Street Science programme.

Alongside Naomi, we speak to Georgia Edge, a current undergraduate dentist student who supports the Brush Up scheme.

We speak to Naomi and Georgia about their experiences working in these schemes. We discussed how the schemes work on a day to day basis. How it helped their own learning and how it helped the people they were working with.

Finally, we spoke to Jenny Johnstone, a senior lecturer in our Law School, and Jasmine Davidge, who works with Jenny in our Law School. We talk to Jenny and Jasmine about Street Law. How the programme works, what our students get out of the scheme, and how it supports the people the students are working with in the community.

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Transcript available

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