Welcome To The Equality On The Mind Podcast

Welcome to Equality on the Mind. A Higher Education podcast from the North East – hosted by Newcastle University’s School of Psychology – and created in partnership with our students.

Season 1 consists of 8 episodes where we cover topics such as diversity in organisations, unconscious bias in Higher Education, allyship, women in pain, LGBT in schools, misogyny and consent, accessibility on campus, and EDI and relationships.

Join our host, Dr Billie Moffat-Knox, and a range of guest speakers, as they discuss research on some of today’s most relevant issues. 

Latest podcast episodes

  • Episode 2 – Unconscious Bias
    We discuss discuss what unconscious bias is, how this bias shows itself in everyday learning interactions, whether it can really explain prejudice, and why so many organizations find the idea of unconscious bias training so tempting.  
  • Episode 1 – Diversity Around The Table
    Host Dr Billie Moffat-Knox invites Drs Carla Chivers and Trevor James to discuss what diversity means to them and why we should value it.
  • Equality On The Mind – Trailer
    on the Mind” is an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) podcast, hosted by Newcastle University’s School of Psychology 

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