Episode 1 – Diversity Around The Table

EDI stands for Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion. But what exactly does diversity look like in Higher Education?

In Episode 1, ‘Diversity around the Table’ our host Dr Billie Moffat-Knox invites Drs Carla Chivers and Trevor James to discuss what diversity means to them and why we should value it.

Episode 1 also features two fantastic guest speakers from Durham University.

In Part 1, Professor Richard Crisp talks to us about key points he has learnt having studied diversity for decades as a social psychologist and explains why diversity is central to everything we do in Higher Education.

In Part 2, Dr Anthony Marcinko describes take home messages he has learnt having delivered diversity training to large organizations such as NASA. Join him as we discuss a recent CIA advertisement, designed to increase female representation, but instead might unintentionally fall under the umbrella of cultural appropriation.

For enquiries and suggestions for future episodes, please direct queries to Dr Trevor James @ trevor.james@ncl.ac.uk

Equality On The Mind
Equality On The Mind
Newcastle University

A podcast from Newcastle University covering topics such as diversity in organisations, unconscious bias in Higher Education, allyship, women in pain, LGBT in schools, misogyny and consent, accessibility on campus, and EDI and relationships.

Episodes were recorded remotely during Covid and may have poorer than usual sound quality.