Equality On The Mind – Trailer

“Equality on the Mind” is an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) podcast, hosted by Newcastle University’s School of Psychology 

Join us as we discuss all things Equality & Diversity related in Education – from gender neutral toilets to Black Lives Matter. 

Each episode is hosted by students on our Psychology EDI team, with a range of guest speakers on specialist topics.  

To get a taste of some of the episodes in season 1 we have put together a short trailer from some of our hosts. 

For enquiries and suggestions for future episodes, please direct queries to Dr Trevor James @ trevor.james@ncl.ac.uk 

Equality On The Mind
Equality On The Mind
Newcastle University

A podcast from Newcastle University covering topics such as diversity in organisations, unconscious bias in Higher Education, allyship, women in pain, LGBT in schools, misogyny and consent, accessibility on campus, and EDI and relationships.

Episodes were recorded remotely during Covid and may have poorer than usual sound quality.