1.1 Giving Children A Voice

In this episode we talk to Liz Todd (@plizt), Professor of Educational Inclusion at Newcastle University and Luke Bramhall, Poverty Proofing and Participation Service Manager at Children North East (@ChildrenNE), about VOICES.

The VOICES project aims to understand the challenges that children and young people face in the context of Covid19, particularly in economically disadvantaged areas of the North East.

Hear why both Liz and Luke are so passionate about co-producing work with children, young people, and their families and why we need to give them a voice.

A staggering 35% of children in the North-East live in poverty, and it is clear from the project that one of the most powerful ways to support children and young people through these challenging times is to give them the opportunity to speak, and to stop and really listen.

If you’re interested in finding out more visit the VOICES project website and follow @voicesprojectNE.