Episode 015: New Terms, New Semesters and New Horizons

Hello and welcome to episode 15 of the Learning and Teaching @ Newcastle University podcast.

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In this episode we hear from Jack Chamberlain and Sam Mead who help to run the PARTNERS programme at Newcastle University.  PARTNERS is a dynamic and innovative programme that gives prospective students a chance to experience university life before starting a degree.  Both staff and students can get involved to support the PARTNERS Programme by contacting partners@ncl.ac.uk.

We also hear from SAGE PhD researcher Josh Cunday who shares his thoughts on how best to get back into gear after the holiday season. Returning from the Christmas break, especially in a student’s first year, can be disorienting.  In this section, we speak to Josh to understand how he deals with the change of pace from uni to home life and back again, especially with assessments around the corner.

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See the links below for more on the subjects in this episode:

PARTNERS Programme – https://www.ncl.ac.uk/partners/ 

You can contact the PARTNERS Programme at partners@ncl.ac.uk

Student support and Student Welfare:





Transcript available.