Episode 016: Student Voice and Student Voice Surveys Special

Hello and welcome to episode sixteen of the Learning & Teaching @ Newcastle University podcast. 

Transcript available.

In this episode, our guest host Holly Wheeler, a Team Administrator in the Educational Policy and Governance Team in LTDS. Digs into the concept of the Student Voice and Student Voice Surveys. 

According to the Learning and Teaching website, “Student Voice is an important part of any student’s experience at the university and serves as a conduit for communications between both staff, the wider university management and the student body.” 

During this episode, you will hear from five guests.  

Firstly, we hear from Gilly Box. Gilly is an Educational Governance Officer in the Educational Policy and Governance Team in LTDS. Gilly will be taking us through Student Voice Surveys, including where and when to complete them. And why they are vital to the University and our students. 

In the second section of this episode, we talk to three Newcastle University students. Who are currently course reps or have been course reps. Mack, Orla, and Joseph take us through their experiences and how they get their voice heard. 

Finally, we speak to Dr. Kenny McKeegan. Kenny is a Senior Lecturer in our Faculty of Medical Science. In this section, Kenny discusses the work they have been doing in his faculty and why it is crucial to get it right. 

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Transcript available

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