Episode 017: The Deans view of Assessment

Hello and welcome to episode seventeen of the Learning & Teaching @ Newcastle University podcast. 

Transcript available 

In a previous episode of the Learning and Teaching @ Newcastle University Podcast, we listened to the student’s view on assessment. 

In this episode, Graeme Redshaw-Boxwell from LTDS returns to speak to the three Deans of Education from our three faculties to discuss assessment. 

Our three Deans. Sarah Graham, Dean of Education for Humanities and Social Sciences (HaSS). Dr Ruth Valentine, Dean of Taught Programmes for the Faculty of Medical Science (FMS). And Dr Sara Marsham, Dean of Education for Science, Agriculture, and Engineering (SAgE), got together over zoom to discuss various aspects of assessment here at Newcastle University.  

In this conversation, we get a great insight into the Dean’s view of assessment. The discussion covered topics including 

  • What we do well at Newcastle University 
  • What lessons have we learned during the pandemic?  
  • How academics provide feedback and how students interpret that feedback 
  • Finally, how students can get involved in assessment design and processes  

Thank you to all our guests this week, we hope you enjoy this episode. 

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Links from the episode

Transcript available 

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