Episode 30 – Authentic Assessment with Professor Sally Brown and Professor Kay Sambell

Welcome to the 30th episode of the Learning and Teaching @ Newcastle University podcast.

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In this episode, Dr Chris Whiting from the Academic Practice Team speaks with Prof. Sally Brown and Prof. Kay Sambell about authentic assessment in higher education.

Sally and Kay are known internationally as advocates of assessment in higher education including assessment-for-learning and authentic assessment. In 2020, they created their Covid 19 Assessment Collection giving practical advice and examples in adapting assessment during the lockdown crisis and beyond. In this episode, they tell us more about implementing changes to move towards more authentic modes of assessment and learning, measuring the success of authentic assessment innovations, and making these innovations achievable and sustainable.

To thank Sally and Kay for volunteering their time, a donation was made to the Justice Prince CIC food bank.

Thank you to all our guests this week. We hope you enjoy this episode.  

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