Episode 1 – Health Psychology, with Beth Nichol

This week we are delighted to have Beth Nichol on the podcast. Beth is just finishing up her masters in health psychology and about to start her PhD. She currently works as a patient and public involvement and engagement research assistant on the Octahedron project at Newcastle University, aiming to use NHS data to teach computers how to detect early signs of neurological disease via retinal imaging.

We chatted to Beth about what got her interested in science in the first place, the ins and outs of the octahedron project, and how she feels about to start a PhD.

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Why I Research would not be possible without the brilliant efforts of our production team.

  • Hosted by Charlie Wilkinson
  • Edited by Rachel Teate
  • Produced by Rachel Teate and Charlie Wilkinson

Recorded and supported by the Newcastle University media production team. With thanks again to this weeks guest, Beth Nichol.

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